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2 thoughts

  1. Dear Ms. McDavid,
    I’m not sure which city you grew up in, but your story is familiar. I grew up in a “fringe” neighborhood in the 60s/70s in San Francisco. Our working-class stretch was between two large housing projects. i had friends in both, and my mom always had extra food in the house just for the taking. My mom grew up during the Depression and she knew what is was like to be hungry. That was never my experience as my family, although not wealthy, was always able to cover the basics and a bit more. When my friends came over, my sister and I were encouraged to offer snacks, and there was always an extra place at the table. I didn’t realize what a great gift of generosity my mom had taught me until I was much older, but I haven’t forgotten, and I practice it all the time.


    • Beautiful tribute to your mother! It doesn’t take a great deal of wealth to be generous. My mother also lived through the Depression, a young child, and she would tell us about her Victory garden. She definitely brought frugal living to our family. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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