Story of the Month

Every month, I will post a new piece of writing — short stories and long, fiction and non-fiction — to make up a calendar of stories for the year. Pour yourself a favorite beverage and enjoy!

A childhood memory involving summer, siblings, and a neighborhood McDonald’s. Read The Long Walk Home.
Coming Soon! I began writing Tell Her About Freedom for the month of July, but I’m still working on it. Read July Has Ended and There’s No Story of the Month?
Reliving a bittersweet but treasured memory I have of my Dad. Read Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing.
Inspired by a Georgia O’Keeffe image from the Great Depression.
Read A Mother’s Day.
A true story from my childhood about a memorable Easter morning.
Read I Heard the Clouds Say Something That Easter Morn.
Two people surprise each other as they wait for a COVID vaccine.
Read OK, Boomer.

A woman doesn’t think much of herself, until the letters start coming.
Read Love Letters for Felicia.