Looking for a Helpful Gardening Channel?

Laura of Garden Answer doesn’t have a horticulture degree. She’s not a professional speaker, teacher, or business owner. She is a down-to-earth, dirt-loving, seed-spreading, soil-mixing soul who earned almost two million subscribers with her easygoing style.

Her successes come from a simple love for helping and watching plants grow. And the miraculous wonder of it all never seems to escape her. My kind of gardener.

Watch her videos here on YouTube.

(Image shows my rooted cuttings from a single plectranthus plant, about to be potted.)

A Seed in the Hand of God

Throughout Spring 2020, I was too concerned about COVID and my health to walk into the local gardening center. I ached for the day when I could roam the crowded and too narrow aisles once more. Never again would I complain about the long lines. And when I finally did go in for my Spring shopping spree a few months ago, I didn’t have a single thought of discontent. Though no one could tell, I was smiling behind my mask as I swiped my card through the machine because I purchased more items than were on my list, as usual.

Gardening is my special pleasure.

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