Fiction: Filling in the Blanks

The badness and sadness of this world can be overwhelming. As a writer, my aim is to create uplifting stories of goodness and hope and make them available to those who visit my website.

With that in mind, I want to bring you in on a story I’m writing. The working title is OK, Boomer, and it is one of the Story of the Month stories that I am writing to fill in the earlier months I missed. My “new and improved” website was launched earlier this month, and I’d like to have a story for January, February, and March, too.

OK, Boomer was born out of an experience I had in March while I waited at a pharmacy for my COVID vaccination. I met a young woman there, and, as you will see when you read the story, I take on her point of view and create a work of fiction based on a short time with a remarkable young woman. We did not share conversation for long, but the words she did (and didn’t) speak made me wonder about her upbringing. So, I went with that, and the story was born.

In this scene, while waiting for her turn, she reflects on her parents, who insisted that she obtain her shot sooner than later:

That's what her parents would expect. They never personally told her about their experiences as young adults in college. She had heard plenty, though, from her aunts and uncles. Five of them with the same stories? They had to be true. A source of constant amazement, those stories were. My parents did whaaa?? Plus, she could have sworn she recognized them in a Woodstock photo that she saw on Rolling Stone. And all they would reveal to her was that "we took part in a wild Sixties experiment." That was it. They did not want to discuss it with her. 

So it surprised her when she read about the Sixties and "Question Authority" and "Pigs," when all she had heard throughout her childhood was "Respect your elders. Honor your mother and father."

Within the story, you will find an older woman, a young man, and an older man. Her interactions with these individuals did actually happen. In fact, the older woman is based on me and the conversation I had with her. In keeping with fiction writing, though, I included far more than what we actually shared, twisted some facts, and had a lot of fun doing so.

I love writing fiction. It is my way of filling in the blanks that we find in real life. Hopefully, this story will give you a lift — and maybe even a laugh — during troubling times. You’ll be the first to know when I’ve finished it.

Thanks for reading!

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